Research Assistant II

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX

ID: 7226208 (Ref.No. 18681-en_US)
Posted: March 8, 2024

Job Description


Research Assistant II sought by Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX) for its Dept. of Neuroscience, Huffington Center on Aging.


Job Duties

  • Develop new research techniques for funded grants in Dr. Samuel’s lab including developing new methods for NIH grants such as cell surface proteomics.
  • Perform experiments for research projects using established techniques to aid in studies of retina and visual areas of the brain of relevance to neuron-neuron signaling, neuron-microglia signaling, and neuron – vasculature signaling.
  • Run & oversee Nanoscopic Imaging Facility to enable routine & accessible 3D nanoscopic imaging of tissue samples needing new approaches that combine optimized fixation & labeling techniques with commercial turnkey systems.  
  • Train & manage team members (i.e. research technician II & research technician I) in molecular biology, confocal imaging, nanoscopic imaging, dissection, mouse genetics, & tissue preparation lab techniques; mouse colony management; & design and implementation of new imaging systems.
  • Help interview & make hiring decisions for technical & research staff in lab.
  • Assist with data generation for grant development to secure grants for lab (approx. 8 proposals/ year are submitted).
  • Manage online data repositories.
  • Contribute to completion of ‘orphan’ lab projects by assisting with completion of data & documents needed for publication of projects left behind by trainees in lab to ensure requirements of funded applications are met. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in a Basic Science or a related field. 
  • Three years of relevant experience.

Department Specific Criteria

  • Bachelor's degree in a Basic Science or a related field + 3 yrs. exp. as a Research Technician performing neuroscience research that includes 1 yr. using mouse colony management, nanoscopic imaging, & cell surface proteomics



Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Equal Access Employer.




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