IT Manager II

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Raleigh, NC

ID: 7234414
Posted: April 3, 2024
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

About the Department
The 900+ positions of the Facilities Division service the students and staff of the University’s teaching, research/administrative space and 2,240 acres of infrastructure. The Facilities Division provides design and building services, maintenance, custodial, landscape, solid waste removal, utility, mail, and motor pool services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The goal is to deliver cost effective services to the University, ensure completed projects and maintenance that conform to codes and regulations, while minimizing University liabilities and disruptions caused by the maintenance, repair. building, and equipment modifications to the University.
Essential Job Duties
The IT Manager oversees all aspects of NC State University Materials Management, Business Systems Planning/Analysis, Work Management, Fleet Services, Auto Shop, and Mail Services. This position has independent authority to make decisions that affect all university departments regarding materials management, facilities work management, fleet services, auto shop and mail services. This requires not only strong communication but persuasive skills to explain or sway individuals who can be very demanding. The ability to understand needs from all levels but look across the units and campus and figure out what is the best for all, then design a new concept that you can sell to the internal customer you are aiming to please is crucial. Understanding people, accounting policies, purchasing policies and various unit’s processes, along with being a strategic thinker who analyzes everything is also imperative. Deliver cost effective services to the University, ensure completed projects and maintenance that conform to codes and regulations, while minimizing University liabilities and disruptions caused by the maintenance, repair, building, and equipment modifications to the University. AiM System Management (Asset works CMMS tool for Facilities Division.)

This position develops and maintains Facilities operational and capital budgeting analysis and associated dashboards to provide strategic information to leadership that assists them in making high level decisions for the Division. This analysis and these dashboards are related to the Division’s many operating accounts, the Annual Spend Plan budget of projects less than $300K, the Integrated Priority List of projects greater than $300K, and the Emerging and Urgent budget which is for emergency repairs. This position is also developing and maintaining new platforms for Facilities that provide an enhanced experience for our customers, including the new Ready Portal for customer-initiated work orders and project requests, a capital improvement AiM module, an Infrastructure and Planning AiM module, among others. This position also works closely with the Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities on how to analyze and display budgetary and spending data that is communicated to our campus partners.

Database Management and System Oversight
Collaborate with units within Facilities, Athletics, and Campus Enterprises to design and implement the database structure for three separate departments.
Strategize and direct new modules of the Integrated AiM Work Management System.
Understand and approve all technical aspects of AiM, controlling system settings, and directing testing before upgrades.
Maintain remote access to servers, be available 24/7 for server-related tasks.
Vet all technical changes to the database and strategize with the technical team on security filters and other technical coding.
Utilize PeopleSoft reports to verify and maintain accuracy and integrity in AiM.

Materials Management and Purchasing Oversight
Understand and be knowledgeable regarding all university purchasing policies, state guidelines, and contracts.
Oversee and direct the team to follow individual units’ approval processes for purchases.
Systematically approve requisitions and Marketplace purchases after ensuring staff follows procedures and unit guidelines.
Establish and oversee a purchasing approval process for Directors and Managers to control unit purchases.
Develop spending reports per employee for control.
Extensive knowledge regarding university convenience contracts, requisitions, blanket purchases, Marketplace purchasing, and P-Card processes.

Unit Management and Leadership
Position has final authority over decisions that affect departments campus-wide regarding Facilities Customer Service Management, Network Support, Materials Management, Fleet Services, Motor Pool, and Mail Services and Business Services.
Oversee all aspects of Customer Service Center Management, Network Support, Fleet Services, Motor Pool, Mail Services, Purchasing, and Warehouse.
Utilize strong communication and persuasive skills to manage demanding individuals.
Understand needs at all levels and design concepts that benefit the entire organization.
Analyze everything strategically to deliver cost-effective services to the University, ensuring compliance with codes and regulations.
Ensure completed projects and maintenance minimize disruptions and liabilities to the University.
Other Responsibilities
Other duties as assigned
Minimum Education and Experience
Master’s degree and at least one year of relevant experience OR
Bachelor’s degree with at least two years’ of relevant experience OR
An equivalent combination of education, training and relevant experience.

For management‐level roles, also include with the above requirements 1‐2 years of supervisory experience.
Other Required Qualifications
Experience in facilities organization and with integrated work management systems
Experience with AiM. (Asset Works)
Experience using BIRT, SQL, Power BI, Qlik and Pentaho
Customer Service skills
Excellent communication skills