University of Michigan

Ann Arbor , MI

ID: 7122374
Posted: January 30, 2023
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Why Join Michigan Medicine?

Michigan Medicine is one of the largest health care complexes in the world and has been the site of many groundbreaking medical and technological advancements since the opening of the U-M Medical School in 1850. Michigan Medicine is comprised of over 30,000 employees and our vision is to attract, inspire, and develop outstanding people in medicine, sciences, and healthcare to become one of the world’s most distinguished academic health systems. In some way, great or small, every person here helps to advance this world-class institution. Work at Michigan Medicine and become a victor for the greater good.

What Benefits can you Look Forward to?

Excellent medical, dental and vision coverage effective on your very first day
2:1 Match on retirement savings


Obtains vital signs, temperature, height/length, weight, oxygen saturation and pain scores; reports abnormal values to RN. Obtains other measurements (i.e., head circumference, abdominal girth) per unit standard.

Utilizes palpation/auscultation and Doppler to determine heart rate and blood pressure.

Observes, monitors and reports the overt physical condition of assigned patient(s).

Measures and records intake and output.

Functions as a sitter.

Assists physician/provider during diagnostic procedures; assists and supports patient before and during procedures; assists in specimen collection.

Responds to monitor alarms.

Reapplies pulse ox probe.

Specimen Collection

Performs point of care testing; maintains and calibrates equipment and supplies.

Collects specimens, including urine, stool, sputum and swabs, and performs urine determination including sugar, acetone, specific gravity protein, pH.

Performs finger/heel stick blood collection and chemstick test.

Initiates, maintains and records 24-hour urine collection.

Transports blood and laboratory specimens.

Intravenous Lines

Discontinues peripheral IV’s.

Removes peripheral IV dressings.

Patient ADLs

Assists patients with, or administers routine personal hygiene including baths, oral care, skin care, umbilical cord and circumcision care.

Performs oral suctioning utilizing Yankauer tips, suction toothbrushes and oral care sponges.

Performs preventative skin care, pre-operative preps, perineal care.

Provides toileting/bedpan/urinal; remove/empty foley catheters; weighs diapers.

Accompanies, escorts, ambulates, moves, turns, dangles, lifts, transports and attends/holds/positions patients.

Assists with range of motion; applies rehabilitation equipment; releases and applies devices, i.e., wheelchair seatbelt, adaptive equipment, etc., in accordance with specific instructions, to position patients to limit movements.

Provides patient nourishment by performing such duties as passing and collecting trays, providing snacks/beverages, assists with ordering meals/snacks; feeds patients.

Double check breast milk with RN.

Urinary Catheters

Connects, drains and disconnects urinary catheters.

Assembles intermittent bladder irrigation supplies.

Discontinues urinary catheters.

Applies condom catheter.

Performs clean urinary catheterizations (Pediatrics only).

Determines bladder status with Bladder Scanner.


Administers cleansing enemas that do not contain medication.

Applies external Fecal Incontinence Device (FID) bags.

Wound Care

Cleanses and redresses non-sterile wounds.

Applies binders, ACE wraps, hot and cold applications; provides soaks and special baths.

Assists RN with complex dressing changes.

Respiratory Care

Assist with tracheostomy care on stable tracheotomies including such duties as cleaning and redressing area; assisting with tape and tie changes.

Assist with P&PD by holding the patient.

Coach/prompt patient to use incentive spirometer, and in coughing and deep breathing.