Alabama Math, Science and Technology (AMSTI) Secondary Math Specialist

Athens State University

Athens, AL

ID: 7075431
Posted: February 24, 2021
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

In addition to adhering to the general staff guidelines as specified by the AMSTI-Athens Site Director, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the In-service Center Director, and the State Board of Education, duties will include:

Professional Learning:
1. Facilitate and/or participate in professional learning for teachers and/or administrators based on
assignments and/or LEA needs, including online options
○ The site Math specialist will facilitate professional learning according to AMSTI Math philosophy
and offerings (Foundational Training, OGAP, NUMBERS, including follow-up)
○ Adjust among the presentation roles of facilitating, presenting, coaching, and consulting when
leading sessions based on audience need. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Actively collect feedback and reflection on the impact on the client, session, state and site goals;
making adjustments accordingly. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Gather and analyze data to identify LEA training needs, and make recommendations to the Site
Director as he/she finalizes training, and prioritizes support (EE: LEA Support Plans)
2. Assist AMSTI-ALSDE in developing and maintaining common professional learning offerings and
supporting resources for AMSTI and/or for the ALSDE, including online options
○ Provide feedback and input, administer PL surveys, and represent 6-12 Math Specialists/AMSTI
on workgroups. (EE: Monitor, Facilitate PL, Coaching Model)
○ Develop curriculum resources (JD Survey)
○ Time given to develop Professional Learning and to other job responsibilities is a
responsibility of the immediate supervisor to this position. (JD Survey)
3. Provide ongoing professional learning to AMSTI lead teachers, certified facilitators, and/or instructional coaches
○ Recommend and provide ongoing equipping experiences and support to trainers. (EE:
Facilitate PL)
4. Assist IHEs with planning and conducting pre-service and continuing education activities
5. Participate in AMSTI professional learning activities and staff meetings conducted by the ALSDE and
Site Director, unless prior approval for absence is granted
○ Learn new skills and conduct new responsibilities/activities based on the Strategic Plan. (OE:
Information Systems and Transparency, Collaborative Culture)
○ Share knowledge and skills in a variety of situations such as: State meetings, conferences, and
other outlets to report successful innovations implemented by members of the school
community. (Alignment with K-5 job description)

6. Provide frequent, ongoing support and coaching to teachers, AMSTI lead teachers, certified AMSTI
facilitators, instructional coaches, and/or administrators based on assignments and/or LEA needs (in
situations where the specialist is leading the classroom or team-teaching, the classroom teacher must
always be present)
○ Gather and analyze data to identify LEA training needs, and make recommendations to the Site
Director as he/she sets up training, and prioritizes support (EE: LEA Support Plans)
○ Support teachers with AMSTI identified practices in preparing and delivering instruction that
will increase the number of students performing at or above grade-level proficiency across all
tiers of mathematics instruction (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Collaborate with grade-level teachers, grade-level teams of teachers, and LEAs to better
understand and implement resources (mathematics curriculum maps, pacing guides, curricula,
assessment, etc.) and instructional plans to improve the success of their students. (Alignment
with K-5 job description)
○ Engage in side by side coaching experiences with teachers. Provide reflection and feedback to
the teachers which will help move teachers forward in their area(s) of need. (Alignment with
K-5 job description)
○ Use coaching strategies and cycles – Joint Preplanning, Modeling Lessons, Co-teaching
lessons, targeted observation to collect data, and debriefing (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Collaborate and support school wide and classroom STEM activities with all stakeholders. (SL:
STEM related activities)
○ Time given to travel is a responsibility of the immediate supervisor to this position. (JD
7. Assist AMSTI teachers in effectively using common planning time and Professional Learning
Communities to improve instruction
○ Work with teachers to analyze pre- and post-tasks/assessments and be used to create next
steps plan for student growth (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Possess the ability to assess students’ performance and needs based on student work samples,
assessment data, and interpret results to inform instructional planning. (Alignment with K-5 job
○ Support the professional growth of mathematics teachers by strengthening the teachers’
understanding of mathematics content. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
8. Assist in recruiting new AMSTI teachers and/or trainers
○ Recommend and provide ongoing training and support to trainers. (EE: Facilitate PL)
○ Support professionals through equipping teacher leaders, building coaches, future trainers, and
administrators. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
9. Conduct research on the effects of current math, science, and/or technology practices in AMSTI
classrooms, as requested by the ALSDE
○ Assist in monitoring the effectiveness of trainers in facilitating AMSTI Math professional learning
opportunities. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Conduct research on the effects of current math practices in AMSTI classrooms through the use
of pre- and post-test data collected and documented through the PLC process, as requested by
the ALSDE. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Initiate and apply action research based on reflective practice. (Alignment with K-5 job
10. Coordinate work through the AMSTI Site Director, collaborate with other specialists and communicate with all stakeholders
11. Achieve and maintain proficiency in all standards, pedagogical content knowledge, and AMSTI lessons and practices through AMSTI-ALSDE and approved outside professional learning opportunities, based on the guidelines
○ Actively participate in professional development to remain current in research and best
practices. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Gain and use knowledge of current principles and practices in mathematics instruction, student
learning, curricula, and assessment, and when working with teachers. (Alignment with K-5 job
○ Reflect on and improve personal coaching practices, facilitation skills, the ability to evaluate
personal impact on equipping teachers and moving students to master grade-level content and
consistently perform at or above grade-level proficiency. (Alignment with K-5 job description)
○ Attend and/or present at conferences as determined by the immediate supervisor and the
site budget. (JD Survey)

12. Work with materials managers to make site-level decisions based on teacher needs/requests
13. Provide feedback to the ALSDE regarding customization of kits and materials to make them
teacher/classroom friendly
14. Maintain records (including financial) and complete paperwork in a timely manner
○ Time to prepare and plan (JD Survey)
○ Time to read research (JD Survey)
15. Participate in the development, maintenance, and promotion of AMSTI resources according to the
resource development and Public Relations guidelines
○ Develop curriculum resources (JD Survey)
○ Time to develop Professional Learning Opportunities and resources for use by LEAs (JD
16. Communicate with AMSTI Site Director/PI and ALSDE in advance as it pertains to retirement or
resignation plans (under normal circumstances, a minimum of six-month advance notice is requested)
17. Specialist responsibilities include but are not limited to those listed in all categories above; specialists
may be required to perform other duties as assigned by the AMSTI Site Director or AMSTI-ALSDE.
○ Represent 6-12 Math Specialists/AMSTI on workgroups.
○ Participate on committees and workgroups (JD Survey)

• Valid Alabama Teachers’ Certification required
• Bachelor’s degree in Elementary or Secondary Education required; Master’s degree or higher in Education preferred
• At least 5 years teaching experience in an Alabama public elementary, middle, or high school required
• Experience in the 6-12 grade range preferred
• AMSTI training at the secondary level in MATH required;
AMSTI MATH trainer certification preferred
• Valid Driver License
• Clear status with FBI and ABI fingerprinting process*
• Knowledge of PC systems and a variety of software
• Skill in time and project management
• Ability to communicate effectively, including oral, written, and interpersonal skills
• Ability to bring creative and innovative solutions to problems and demonstrate a commitment to teamwork and service
• Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize effectively
• Ability to move a minimum of 25 pounds

Salary Schedule
$ 54,705-$83,695. Salary will be based on degree, experience and the AMSTI salary schedule. This is an 11-month contract. Future employment is contingent upon AMSTI funding.
Benefits available as appropriate for sponsored programs.


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