(Sign Language) Interpreter I-V

Saddleback College

Mission Viejo, CA

ID: 7057491 (Ref.No. NBU052819)
Posted: May 28, 2019
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Classification Title:
Interpreter I
Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) (SC-061-075)
Salary Schedule:
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Pay Rate:
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Hours Per Week:
Varies as needed.
Summary Description:

The District’s goal as an academic community is to sustain a working environment that is welcoming to all, fosters and celebrates diversity, and promotes and rewards excellence. An exemplary academic community promotes an inclusive environment that best prepares our faculty, staff and students to live, work, and contribute to a global society.

This position is a short-term, hourly, non-bargaining unit position, not to exceed 160 days per Fiscal Year. This advertisement is to create a pool of applications to be used when there is an available opening as a (Sign Language) Interpreter I-V. You will be contacted should the hiring department/division be interested in scheduling an interview with you to discuss your qualifications and skills. Please do not call the Human Resources Office regarding the status of your application. The most current status of all applications will be available for you to view on our website. This position is open until filled or withdrawn.

Positions in this classification interpret and transliterate using American Sign Language/signed English for deaf and hard of hearing students registered with Special Services (DSPS) in classes, academic activities and college events. To perform interpreting services and activities for deaf and hard of hearing students, faculty and staff; to serve as a liaison between the hearing impaired and hearing communities; and to perform a variety of duties relative to assigned area of responsibility. Nationally certified interpreters (RID/NAD IV or higher) are encouraged to apply and will be exempt from a testing process.

Representative Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential duties and other important responsibilities/duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Perform effective sign language interpreting and transliterating services for students, faculty and staff according to accepted American Sign Language/English interpreting procedures.
2. Provide sign language and English interpreting and transliterating for deaf and hard of hearing students, faculty and staff in both educational and non-academic settings.
3. Serve as an interpreter at various campus events including department meetings, student orientations, professional development activities, counseling appointments, assessment testing, field trips, theatrical productions and other extracurricular activities.
4. Provide educational interpreting for students in a lecture environment and individualized instruction.
5. Serve as a liaison between the deaf and hearing impaired students, school faculty and staff; explain the needs and concerns of students.
6. Provide assistance to and substitute for the Interpreter Coordinator as requested; provide assistance with practicum students.
7. Consult with faculty to identify potential problems that could inhibit the effective provision of interpreting services including instructional materials or closed-caption equipment.
8. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Assignment Type:
Non-Bargaining Unit Short Term Temp
Knowledge of:

Methods and techniques of signing and interpreting for the deaf and hearing impaired. Interpretation and application techniques of American Sign Language (ASL). Use and operation of various devices for deaf and hearing impaired. Modern office procedures, methods and equipment including computers. Proper English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Code of ethics for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Ability to:

Perform interpreting services for the deaf and hearing impaired. Communicate effectively to the deaf and hearing impaired using American Sign Language and/or contact signing. Interpret and explain school policies and procedures. Provide interpretation services in both academic and non-educational settings. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Education and Experience Guidelines:

Education Minimum Qualifications

Sign Language Interpreter I: Entry. Graduation from high school or equivalent and graduation from Interpreter Training Program (ITP) or equivalent.

Sign Language Interpreter II: Intermediate. 2 years of experience. Graduation from high school or equivalent and graduation from Interpreter Training Program (ITP) or equivalent.

Sign Language Interpreter III: skilled ? Interpreter. 3 years of experience. Graduation from high school or equivalent and graduation from Interpreter Training Program (ITP) or equivalent.

Experience Minimum Qualifications.

Sign Language Interpreter I: One (1) year of paid experience interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing using oral and manual forms of communication.

Sign Language Interpreter II: Two (2) years of paid experience interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing using oral and manual forms of communication.

Sign Language Interpreter III: Three (3) a years of paid experience interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing using oral and manual forms of communication.

Sign Language Interpreter IV & V – must possess RID/NAD certification in addition to experience requirements.


See above. Experience and/or education of the same kind, level, and amount as required in the minimum qualifications may be substituted on a year for year basis.

Sign Language Interpreter I: $ 13.00/hr.
Sign Language Interpreter I: $ 16.00/hr.
Sign Language Interpreter III: $25.00/hr.
Sign Language Interpreter IV,
Range 001 RID/NAD 3 $30.00/hr.
Range 002 RID/NAD 4 $35.00/hr.
Range 003 RID/NAD 4 +5 years experience $38.00/hr.
Range 004 RID/NAD 4 +10 years experience $42.00/hr.
Sign Language Interpreter V, RID NAD 5 $45.00/hr.

License or Certificate:

A valid California driver’s license and proof of insurability may be required for some positions to drive a District or personal vehicle to attend meetings or pick up/deliver documents or other materials.

Please attach copies of all Sign Languarge Interpreter certifications that you possess for salary placement consideration.

Physical Demands:

Ability to work in a standard classroom environment and to sustain repetitive motion of arms, wrists and hands for intervals of time.

Vision: See in the normal visual range with or without correction.
Hearing: Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction.

Additional Position Information:

Documentation according to USCIS I-9 guidelines (i.e. ID card and Social Security card) must be presented at the time of hire. Per IRS regulations, a Social Security card must be presented at the time of hire.

Contingent/conditional job offer: Any NBU job offer that is received is contingent upon successful completion of the Human Resources pre-employment process, as well as approval by the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources or Board approval. The Human Resources hiring process may include, but is not limited to, successful completion of Live Scan fingerprinting, background checks, reference checks, TB testing, as well as completion of new hire paperwork. It is the employee’s responsibility to incur the cost of any testing required for the position (approx. $70), and there will be no reimbursement for this expense. Failure to successfully complete any portion of the hiring process will invalidate any conditional job offer received. Falsification of, or omission on, any SOCCCD pre-employment paperwork may result in withdrawal of any conditional job offer or termination of employment.

NBU at-will employment: After successful completion of the requirements of Section A, an individual may be employed by the South Orange County Community College District as a short-term, temporary NBU employee. Employment will be on an “if and as needed” basis, as determined by the District. NBU employment is at-will, and either party may terminate this working relationship at anytime. Neither party shall be required to provide any reason for the separation. NBU employees shall not have reemployment rights or recourse to petition to be reinstated.

Single worksite restriction: NBU employees are limited to working in a single position in one department/site. Interpreters and models are exceptions to single site employment.

Work schedules: Department/Division managers, administrators, and/or supervisors shall determine the work schedule of NBU employees to include the number of days and hours worked per week and the start and stop times.

160 day restriction: NBU employees will not work more than 160 days (in any combination of NBU positions) no matter how many hours per day they work. It is the employee’s responsibility to monitor and track the amount of days that they work to ensure they do not exceed the 160 day limit. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify their supervisor and Human Resources immediately if they are approaching the 160 day limit. NBU positions are not part of the Classified service and that by working less than 160 days of a college year, NBU employees are not entitled to any employment.

Substitutes: Substitutes may work for a permanent Classified employee who is on leave, or a vacant Classified permanent position. Substitutes in a vacant Classified position may work a maximum of 90 working days in the position during the recruitment process. NBU employees who substitute for Classified positions may not necessarily meet the minimum qualifications for the position and may, or may not, assume all of the job duties and responsibilities of the position. By substituting for a vacant Classified position, there is no guarantee that the substitute will be selected to interview for the vacant permanent position if posted, or selected for the position if interviewed. Substituting for a Classified position also does not entitle a NBU employee to any future consideration for the same or other positions. Substitutes must complete the online application process during the specified time frame to apply for any permanent Classified position at www.socccdjobs.com.

Rate of Pay: NBU employees must inquire with their supervisor as to the rate of pay that they will receive. They must have agreed to the rate, prior to accepting and beginning any current or future NBU assignment. Questions regarding rate of pay must be directed to their supervisor. NBU employees are paid according to departmental budgets, the skill set/level of expertise required for the assignment as determined by the supervisor/department/division, and various other factors, not longevity.
Classified substitutes will be paid at the first step of the Classified Salary Schedule range of the position that they are substituting for. Exceptions may be paid for previous Classified employees. Holidays/Jury Duty: NBU employees are not paid for holidays or other time not worked (i.e. Jury Duty).
California Sick leave: NBU employees are eligible for California Sick leave per AB1522. Information regarding AB1522 will be sent to all new hires after the new hire paperwork session. Overtime: Time and one-half is paid for all hours worked over 40 in one week, per FLSA guidelines. Shift pay does not apply to NBU employees.

Retirement information: NBU employees may not work more than 960 hours from June 15th – June 14th. NBU employees who work more than 1000 hours per fiscal year are required to contribute to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), through payroll deduction of about 7-9%. The District does not intend to employ NBU employees for more than 1,000 hours during any fiscal year. The exception to this requirement is that if a NBU employee is currently contributing to PERS from another agency, they will be required to contribute to CalPERS while employed at SOCCCD. Once an employee joins CalPERS, all future assignments will also have CalPERS deducted. It is the employee’s responsibility to inform their supervisor of their CalPERS status for current and future assignments.

Administrative termination: NBU employees who have not worked in a six month period will be administratively terminated due to inactivity. In order to be rehired, the employee must recomplete the hiring process.

Campus Crime and Safety Awareness: Information regarding campus crime and safety awareness can be found at www.saddleback.edu or www.ivc.edu. Paper copies are available in Human Resources upon request.

Mandated reporter: The South Orange County Community College District recognizes the responsibility of its staff to report to the appropriate agency when there is a reasonable suspicion that an abuse or neglect of a child may have occurred. Mandated reporters include faculty, district leadership staff, and classified staff, including Non-Bargaining Unit (NBU) employees.

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  2. Cover Letter
  3. Other Doc

At the South Orange County Community College District, our goal as an academic community is to sustain a working environment that fosters and celebrates diversity, promotes and rewards excellence, and is welcoming to all. An exemplary academic community promotes an inclusive environment that best prepares our faculty, staff, and students to live, work, and contribute in a global society. The Plan reflects the District's commitment to equal employment opportunity and outlines the active steps that ensure nondiscriminatory practices.


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