Assistant Music Director - Spinnaker Media

University of North Florida

Jacksonville, FL

ID: 7052454
Posted: August 9, 2018

Job Description

ob Summary/Responsibilities
The Assistant Music Director helps the Music Director decide— what, how much, and when music is played on Spinnaker Radio. The Assistant Music Director will be familiar with Spinnaker Radio content policies, including what is and is not considered appropriate content and when certain content can be aired. The Assistant Music Director must be able to take students’ feedback and turn it into improved content and schedules. The position requires a positive, motivated person with a knack for understanding forward-thinking trends and the ability to satisfy those tastes.

Required Qualifications
Lump-sum compensations are awarded based on satisfactorily meeting required duties of their respective positions. If the minimum is not met, the staff member will not receive pay for that week.
Music Directors must fulfill the following duties:
Receive, review, and submit new music for regular programming rotation.
Update music rotation folders regularly (at least bi-weekly), cycling older music out of more frequent rotation.
Update the Music for seasons/holidays and recent trends (Artist deaths, Grammy nominations, rising stars)
Be present and active in the Spinnaker Radio volunteer community
Regularly update the staff on new ideas and concepts to be pursued.
Manage multiple music rotations including Night time, Regular, and Morning.
Maintain contact with music labels and promoters to ensure Spinnaker Radio receives new music regularly.
Produce weekly Top charts and provide that information to CMJ
Communicate with Promotions Director about what promos and other spots should be aired and maintain a schedule of these spots for DJs
DJ live shift
Supervise, coordinate with, and develop the assistant music director(s) and volunteers
Be continuously enrolled at UNF for the duration of the position and not be on academic probation or suspension according to the most recent UNF course catalog as defined

Preferred Qualifications
Statement(s) of Understanding
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