Postdoctoral Fellow positions are available in Dr. Li Dak Sum &Yip Yio Chin Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Zhejiang University, China.

Zhejiang university

Hangzhou, China

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Posted: November 17, 2017
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Job Description

Zhejiang University located in Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in China, ranks as one of the top research institutions in China and demonstrates its academic excellence with rapidly rising presence in global university ranking. We provide a collaborative research environment and access state-of-the-art infrastructures and core facilities in Zhejiang University. Currently, there are foreign faculty members and postdoctoral fellows conducting cutting-edge research in the university.
Dr. Li Dak Sum & Yip Yio Chin Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine in Zhejiang University is supported by Dr. Li Dak Sum & Yip Yio Chin Development Fund for Regenerative Medicine. Our center mainly focuses on the use of stem cells, biomaterials and tissue engineering in the field of musculoskeletal science to create novel therapeutic strategies for tissue regeneration.
We call for postdoc fellows who are interested in the repair and regeneration of musculoskeletal system.

1. Prof. H-W. Ouyang invites applicants for multiple postdoctoral positions in the areas of:
- Tendon Diseases and Regeneration
- Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Regeneration
- Biomaterials and Scaffold Development
- Stem Cell Amplification Technology
Detailed information can be found in
Candidates should have excellent academic qualifications, good writing and communication skills, teamwork spirit, strong responsibility and feel comfortable in interdisciplinary environment. Candidates with prior experience with stem cells and regenerative medicine (stem cell biology, tissue engineering, biomaterials, bioinformatics, genome editing using CRISPR Cas9 technology…) are particularly welcome.

Representative publications:
Yin, Z et al., Single-cell analysis reveals a nestin(+) tendon stem/progenitor cell population with strong tenogenic potentiality, SCIENCE ADVANCES, 2016.
Jun, Dai. et al., Kdm6b regulates cartilage development and homeostasis through anabolic metabolism. ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES, 2016.
Hu, J.-J. et al., Pharmacological Regulation of In Situ Tissue Stem Cells Differentiation for Soft Tissue Calcification Treatment. STEM CELLS, 2016.
Chen, PF et al., Radially oriented collagen scaffold with SDF-1 promotes osteochondral repair by facilitating cell homing,
Liu, HH et al., Mohawk Promotes the Tenogenesis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Through Activation of the TGF beta Signaling Pathway, STEM CELLS, 2015.
Wang, JJ et al., Local delivery of FTY720 in PCL membrane improves SCI functional recovery by reducing reactive astrogliosis, BIOMATERIALS, 2015.
Chen, X et al., Nanoparticle delivery of stable miR-199a-5p agomir improves the osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells via the HIF1a pathway, BIOMATERIALS, 2015.
Zhang, C et al., Well-aligned chitosan-based ultrafine fibers committed teno-lineage differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells for Achilles tendon regeneration, BIOMATERIALS, 2015.
Zhu, S., et al., Inhibition of Rac1 activity by controlled release of NSC23766 from chitosan microspheres effectively ameliorates osteoarthritis development in vivo. ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES. 2015.
Wu, Y. et al., A Bi-Lineage Conducive Scaffold for Osteochondral Defect Regeneration. ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATIRIALS. 2014

Qualified applicants will be offered international competitive salary (35,000~50,000 USD dollars/year) by Li Dak Sum Postdoc Fellowships, start-up funding, and other benefits which are commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Applicants should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the names of three references to:
A/Prof. LIU Hua
Regenerative medicine group, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China 310058

2. Professor Jianqing Gao's research group call for postdoc.
Eligibility/Entry Requirement:
1) Under 35-years-old, qualified for the position as postdoctoral fellow is a person who holds a doctorate at home or a foreign degree that is deemed equivalent to a doctorate and who has completed the degree within the three years prior to the last date for applications, unless there are valid reasons.
2) The candidate should have a strong background in Physics, Chemistry or equivalent at the date of recruitment. Experience in one or more of the areas named below is a strong merit: Pharmaceutics,Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells, Molecular Biology.
3) The candidate should have strong research merits and excellent publications are required. Proficiency in English, both spoken and written, is required, as well as good ability to co-operate and take own initiatives. The project will be adapted based on the competence of the selected candidate, and his/her interests.

A complete application should include:
Introductory letter including a 2-page statement of research interests relative to the above topics and a motivation of why your expertise is appropriate for the position.
• Curriculum Vitae (CV) including a complete list of scientific publications.
• Copies of doctoral degree certificates, including documentation of completed academic courses and obtained grades, and other relevant degree certificates.
• A copy of your PhD thesis and copies of (max 5) original research publications relevant to the above topics, numbered according to the publication list.
• Names and contact information for three persons willing to act as references.
• Any other information relevant for the position
Please observe that all material needs to be written in English. If material is submitted in other languages a translation to Chinese or English must be included.
Welcome with your application

Contact Information
Jianqing Gao,Ph.D., Professor,Vice Dean
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zhejiang University, China
Special Appointed Professor
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Osaka University, Japan

3. Dr. Junfeng Ji’s research focuses on stem cell biology. It branches out into two directions: 1) pluripotency and somatic reprogramming; 2) stem cell aging. The laboratory is particularly interested in understanding the molecular signals including epigenetic modifiers, metabolites and signaling molecules that control stem cell fate decision. The laboratory has demonstrated track record in this exciting field by publications in high-rank journal such as Stem Cell Reports (Cover Story), Stem Cells and Journal of Cell Science etc.
The successful candidates must possess a PhD or MD/PhD. Molecular biology and epigenetic experience are preferred. Prior experience with stem cell and regenerative medicine is desirable but not essential. Applicants should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the names of three references to:
Junfeng Ji, MD. PhD
Centre of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine School of Medicine, Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China 310058

Only the selected candidates will be contacted.

Contact Information:

Qinqin Huang


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